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Company – The Launching Pad and Company

Carol Coutrier assists start-ups and established companies through her company, The Launching Pad & Co. Helping to launch specialty food companies and their products is her specialty.  She offers assistance in all aspects of business development and management, with a special emphasis on establishment and incorporation of values and mission, focus, and long-range planning.  Marketing and development of new concepts and innovative products is an important part of her work.  She provides encouragement, support and a positive attitude which contribute to personal empowerment.

The Launching Pad & Co. works with clients on a 3-month contract basis, always with the option for renewal.

Several options for the number of consulting sessions and pricing are offered in the contract, allowing for sensitivity to the needs of each client.

An initial complimentary conference by phone or in person is the first step in order to establish a rapport, share pertinent information and determine the feasibility of a working relationship.