On My Launching Pad Work with Colleague Bill Bennet (founder of Yoplait Yogurt, USA):

"Carol and Bill have the insight and the experience to deftly navigate the countless highs and lows of entrepreneurship -- from the excitement of developing a new business idea to the practicalities of what it will actually cost. They are enthusiastic advocates and prudent advisors -- a unique, invaluable alliance to any business owner.”

Jean Terranova, “Aunt Jeannie’s”

Client - Sue DiPesa, President of Home Plate, a meal delivery service

"Carol is an inspiration.  When we met Carol, our business was just an idea. Not only did she motivate us to pursue our dream, but now that the company is up and running, her enthusiasm and words of wisdom have kept us on track and moving ahead."

Sue DiPesa, Home Plate


Recommendation from Elizabeth Bridgewater, Former Program Director, Center for Women & Enterprise, Boston, MA  (Currently Director, Lower Cape Community Development Corp.)

To whom it may concern,

It is a pleasure to submit a letter of recommendation for Carol Coutrier of the Launching Pad.  I have worked with Carol for three years and have the highest regard for the quality and integrity she brings to all her endeavors.

Carol and I met when she was a featured speaker in CWE’s Breakfast with Champions Program, a monthly networking event for women entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and new business contacts.  Her message was inspirational and challenging and the audience feedback was very positive.  We later hired Carol as a consultant to facilitate a new peer mentoring program that met each month for a year.   Carol was instrumental in creating the program and developed materials for other facilitators to use as well.  The program ran for two years and was tremendously helpful for the participants.  Finally, Carol and I co-facilitated a pre-business planning workshop that helped participants develop their concepts and clarify their business mission and vision.

The approach Carol takes to her work is thoughtful.  She is very thorough in her planning and executes her projects with a high attention to detail.  She is exceptionally good at building strong connections with clients and brings all of her resources to each relationship.  She takes the time to get to know each client and their unique situation and as a result she is very strategic in her advice.

Above all, Carol is a collaborator.  She enjoys working with people and has an intuitive sense of when to take the lead and when to step back to let someone else shine.  It was a pleasure working with her for the past few years and I would recommend her without reservation for any project that needs her skills.


Elizabeth Bridgewater

Program Manager, CWE


Center for Women & Enterprise GROW (Getting Right On With It) Groups

Designed the 9 month program and authored the facilitator’s manual.

Facilitated groups for 2 ½ years.

Evaluation Comments on the Group Experience:

“GROW has been a critical pivot point to keep me motivated and making sound business decisions.”

“GROW made my business real

"Having a group that takes what you are saying and doing seriously is very important.”

“What I really liked about the group was that it was “real time” help focused on my current needs.  I was at the point where I really needed to discuss questions/problems I had with real people with real business experience on an on going basis.  I really liked being able to ask specific questions of Carol and also being able to get feedback specific to my business.”

“Carol was very committed to our group.  She listened very well and provided us with excellent exercises, information and resources.  She has always been there for us and is very dedicated to helping each of us GROW.”

“Carol Coutrier did a wonderful job. She is very caring and supportive and has a lot of experience in business, so that was extremely helpful.  She really cared about each member of the group and about the group as a whole.  We were very lucky to have her.  It is clear she loves what she does, and that she takes her mentoring seriously.”

The Leadership Connection

Co-designed and facilitated with Dar Gillett an eight-month group experience for eight leaders with a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, ages and business sizes ranging from start-ups to large corporations.

Evaluation Comments on the Group Experience:

“The experience has been enormously rewarding.  I have learned

more about myself, my role in my business and the universality of business/culture principles…The group created a phenomenal bond in an amazingly short period of time.  The benefits I believe anyone would experience are a greater sense of self and an affirmation that virtues in the workplace not only can be discussed, but are imperative to success.”

Vice president, retail operations for a national audio equipment manufacturer

“The program provides a safe and nurturing environment to share and hear yourself.  I feel very validated.”

“The benefits…are finding community and support in a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere.  The group grew into a comfortable cohesion with trust and respect.”

“This program has allowed me to express frustrations and disappointments and to transform them into learning experiences by opening my mind to the positive.”

“These meetings stay with me – have become part of me – have changed my thinking profoundly.  They have manifested as a gift I now can give to others.  I feel I am a better employer”.

“The group has solidified my moving in a new giving and leadership direction both personally and business wise.”

“The impact has been to support and sustain me as a person, in the context of a balanced, rich community.”

“It’s excellent for establishing core business values.”

“The group has power and energy…We have established a bond that is deep for the time invested.”

“The group started out open but guarded, and evolved into a non-competitive, very close knit group of true supporters. It is a tribute to Carol and Dar that they created and managed a wonderful forum.”

“Very helpful in creating clarity of personal and business purpose."

Speaker, (My Hommus Factory Story with Learnings),Quinsigamond Community College Business Class

Instructor: Virginia Mary Swain

Comments from Students:

“Thank you.  You are an excellent presenter.  I have taken a few tips from you.  You are an invaluable asset to our class and society.”

“Your information was very helpful.  I will use some of your advice in my future business, and I hope I can reach you if I need any help from you.  Thank you very much.”

“Carol, I was riveted.  Thank you for sharing your story.  I am truly motivated by you!”

“You are an inspiration!”

“Really great story.  Thanks for sharing.”

“Thanks, Carol.  Your knowledge and inspiration was great.  Thanks for sharing your story.”

Center for Women & Enterprise Leadership Retreat

Designed and facilitated a day long retreat for staff of CWE.

Letter from Jennifer Bennet, staff member, CWE:

“What an incredible job you did of bringing poetry, ritual and grace

to what could have been an awkward situation.  I feel so privileged

to work in an environment that brings together and celebrates the unique talents and strengths of each woman.  Each time I have the opportunity to work with you I am impressed by your dedication and

knowledge.  Thanks for leading us down the path to a better understanding of CWE.”